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Wild Beauty by surfvisions The ocean is a beautiful and dangerous place .

Guo Pei Couture 2012

Wow. She belongs underwater.

Dragon Mist | China (by Marcel Proust )

Love it
Creepy, like ant eyes.

New research has shown that there was liquid water on Mars 200,000 years ago — the time when our own species, Homo sapiens, evolved.
A young crater in the red planet’s southern hemisphere contains well-preserved gullies and sediment deposits thought to have been formed by water. The Martian landforms were compared with known debris flows on the Norwegian Svalbard islands in the Arctic Ocean."Our fieldwork on Svalbard confirmed our interpretation of the Martian deposits," said Dr Johnsson, whose findings appear in the scientific journal Icarus. Full article here »
Image & credit: Past water canals of Mars, NASA JPL

Interesting connection - water was on Mars when our own species was evolving (200,000 years ago). Homo sapiens from Mars — or was it just a landing zone? Some Zecharia Sitchin, anyone?
Yes, he does.
JUST LEARNED:That the universe has voids, and that one of those is 1 billion light years wide….And there are people who think that this might be proof that our universe is “quantum entangled” with another. Science is really beginning to rock it. "The Eridanus Supervoid is the largest supervoid (an area of the universe devoid of galaxies) discovered as of 2007. At a diameter of about one billion light years it is much larger than any other known void. It was discovered by linking a "cold spot" in the cosmic microwave background to an absence of radio galaxies in data of the United States National Radio Astronomy Observatory’s Very Large Array Sky Survey. There is some speculation that the void may be due to quantum entanglement between our universe and another." (Wikipedia entry on "Eridanus")

Octopus vulgaris by GabyBarathieu Octopus in Réunion island

This unbelievable thing is an octopus!

(Space.com)  Exoplanet Kepler-186f: Earth-Size World Could Support Oceans and Life (Infographic)
Astronomers have discovered a planet about the size of Earth, orbiting its star in the zone where oceans of liquid water would be possible.
A study of the newly-found planet indicates it could have an Earth-like atmosphere and water at its surface. The planet Kepler-186f is the fifth planet of the star Kepler-186, 490 light-years away.

Booksellers Say They Bough Shakespeare’s Personal Dictionary on eBay

Scholars say that William Shakespeare used as many as 30,000 different words in his plays and poetry. They further estimate that he knew about a quarter of all the words circulating in English during his lifetime.
This is remarkable, and it raises a question: How did he learn them? Some, we know, he invented; some he borrowed from Latin or French. But others he simply looked up, in any one of a number of reference books available to Londoners in the late 16th century.
Now, two New York City booksellers say they have found one of those books. And it’s not just any guide: This is William Shakespeare’s dictionary, owned and annotated by the man himself.
For more than half a century, many scholars have believed that Shakespeare consulted a 1580 dictionary published in London called An Alvearie, or Quadruple Dictionarie. Assembled by Cambridge Latin instructor John Baret, the Alvearie was one of the most popular dictionaries of its time. It was “quadruple” because it covered four languages: English, Latin, Greek, and French.
Read more. [Image: Koppelman, via the Folger Shakespeare Library]

Now You Know (Source)

How awesome is this!




the name given to a type of sprite or spirit in the mythological tradition of certain Maya peoples. They are often invisible but occasionally assume physical form (humanoid and small) to communicate with or frighten humans. Click here for further information.

Etymology: Mayan, plural aluxo’ob.

[Claudio Romo]

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IMAN is still a beautiful, perfect alien angel, nobody is surprised at all.

Then aliens are beautiful. :-)

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Orbital Mechanics by Tatiana Plakhova 

These are SO cool!! I imagine standing inside one, a planetary Atlas Room….

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Yo ho, yo ho. A pirate’s life for me.

Yeah baby

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